Ingrid Angel Fine Art

Hello I am Ingrid Angel, I mostly paint realistic fine art, I use bold bright colours to create classical pictures that will never go out of style

I originally trained in the ceramics industry, starting at Boehm China, then went to Royal Worcester Porcelian as a ltd edition painter, over the next 20 years continued in the ceramic industry painting for many ceramic companies.  During this time I had the privilege of painting for Royals, Sultans and the Rich and Famous world wide, It was a beautiful medium to work with but sadly Porcelain and Bone China models are very expensive to produce and this industry doesnt really exist in the UK any more.

I retrained in digital art and have worked as an animator, web designer, graphic designer, video special effects and as a vj,  more about this in the about me section.

Last summer I broke my arm, not being able to use the mouse easily I decided to attempt a painting after a gap of 20 years, that was it I was hooked again.
I am currently building up my fine art portfolio, my art is very vibrant and cheerful.  I have no idea where this journey will take me or how my art will develop but I do know I am enjoying the experience.

A few of my Fine Art Paintings

Sunny Days

If you love quality fine art and you would like commission me follow the link for commissions and read that page before getting in touch, if have any questions Please get in touch, alternatively if you are just interested in following my journey please connect with me via social media, I would love to hear from you.

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