Toxic chemicals in paint

It is important that you know what your paints are made from, and you should always work in a well ventilated space. Your safest best, however, is to think of all of your paints and mediums as potentially harmful, and to treat them equally. Paints labelled non-toxic are considered safe for humans, but are not necessarily safe for the environment. Propylene glycol, for example, is safe enough for...

Art in Zimbabwe

In a makeshift studio, in an empty house on a ridge with a spectacular view of trees and blue sky, two artists are setting out brushes and paint. Half-finished canvases lean against walls. The bustle and noise of the city is far away. Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude and Helen Teede are among a new wave of young artists in Zimbabwe who are attracting attention from collectors and curators...

Banksy painting auctioned

Banksy painting of chimps in House of Commons described as ‘more pertinent than ever’ amid Brexit chaos Painting was put on display again in March to mark the original date set for Britain to leave the EU Devoted Parliament depicts MPs as chimps in the middle of a Commons session, and at 13-feet is the artist’s largest-known work on canvas. It carries the inscription: “Laugh now,...

Exhibition of my paintings

Lee Barlow and I will be exhibiting our oil paintings at the Gardens Gallery in Montpellier park, Cheltenham. I have been painting for two years now so decided it was about time I got my work out there. Expect to see horses we both paint those but there will also be a wide variety of other subjects and also of styles. I am currently finishing a range a ballet paintings ready for the show whilst...

The Lovers

I finally finished my painting of love a man and woman entwined in a loving embrace, surrounded by camellias, I painted camellias as currently I have some flowering at the window . It is a palette knife oil painting so heavily textured.

The Grey Horse

Using Karen Broemmelsick's wonderful photographs as a reference I have painted these two pictures of a grey horse. I love the light streaming in and the colours it creates on the horses coat. Painting the horse from different angles really shows the lighting off 18" x 14" Oil on canvas, prints will be available from this website

Thoroughbred Horses

I have a great love of painting horses so I thought I may do a series of thoroughbreds painted in oils all different colours but on a similar basic background so the focus is on the horse. I paint in layers building up the colour and depth until I am happy with it, if you look at the the two images below you can see the progress in the second painting. I will paint a third and maybe fourth layer...

Fun with a Palette knife

All the paintings below have been created with a palette knife, I decided I wanted to try something to loosen up my style, thought why not give the palette knife a go. I highly recommend it, it does use a great deal of paint but the results are excellent, give it a go I think you will be surprised.

Roses for you

Red roses painted with a palette knife, oil on canvas  I am please with the way they turned out.  This painting is not only romantic but would brighten up any home. 24" x 30"

Time Flies

Time Flies, a large palette knife painting of Dandelion clocks with the seeds blowing away in the wind. This was so much fun to paint, I love the freedom the palette knife gives you, 40" x 30" oil on canvas - you can buy the original or a ltd edition print from my shop 

A Horse Commission

I have just finished my latest commission, I have a great love of painting horses so I was very pleased to take this on, I am rather pleased with the result and most importantly so is my client, just in time for Christmas too. Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

Knight in shining armour

The knight has got it forever home - Ltd edition prints of this painting can be purchased from this site. The painting was inspired by a friend who had won the jousting competition with the Knights of Middle England at Warwick Castle the original photograph reference was A Sallis photography

The Stag

My Stag in the snow painting has been bought for a Christmas present, I am sure they will be very with it - Ltd edition prints are still available

Mongolian Eagle Hunter

I am very pleased to say that my Mongolian Eagle hunter has gone to it new owner and he is very pleased with it.  I will be painting more of the Mongolian series as I think they are some of our last true warriors, a truly magnificent race of people