Exhibition of my paintings

Lee Barlow and I will be exhibiting our oil paintings at the Gardens Gallery in Montpellier park, Cheltenham. I have been painting for two years now so decided it was about time I got my work out there. Expect to see horses we both paint those but there will also be a wide variety of other subjects and also of styles. I am currently finishing a range a ballet paintings ready for the show whilst...

The Lovers

I finally finished my painting of love a man and woman entwined in a loving embrace, surrounded by camellias, I painted camellias as currently I have some flowering at the window . It is a palette knife oil painting so heavily textured.

The Grey Horse

Using Karen Broemmelsick's wonderful photographs as a reference I have painted these two pictures of a grey horse. I love the light streaming in and the colours it creates on the horses coat. Painting the horse from different angles really shows the lighting off 18" x 14" Oil on canvas, prints will be available from this website

Thoroughbred Horses

I have a great love of painting horses so I thought I may do a series of thoroughbreds painted in oils all different colours but on a similar basic background so the focus is on the horse. I paint in layers building up the colour and depth until I am happy with it, if you look at the the two images below you can see the progress in the second painting. I will paint a third and maybe fourth layer...

Fun with a Palette knife

All the paintings below have been created with a palette knife, I decided I wanted to try something to loosen up my style, thought why not give the palette knife a go. I highly recommend it, it does use a great deal of paint but the results are excellent, give it a go I think you will be surprised.

Roses for you

Red roses painted with a palette knife, oil on canvas  I am please with the way they turned out.  This painting is not only romantic but would brighten up any home. 24" x 30"

Time Flies

Time Flies, a large palette knife painting of Dandelion clocks with the seeds blowing away in the wind. This was so much fun to paint, I love the freedom the palette knife gives you, 40" x 30" oil on canvas - you can buy the original or a ltd edition print from my shop 

A Horse Commission

I have just finished my latest commission, I have a great love of painting horses so I was very pleased to take this on, I am rather pleased with the result and most importantly so is my client, just in time for Christmas too. Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

Knight in shining armour

The knight has got it forever home - Ltd edition prints of this painting can be purchased from this site. The painting was inspired by a friend who had won the jousting competition with the Knights of Middle England at Warwick Castle the original photograph reference was A Sallis photography

The Stag

My Stag in the snow painting has been bought for a Christmas present, I am sure they will be very with it - Ltd edition prints are still available

Mongolian Eagle Hunter

I am very pleased to say that my Mongolian Eagle hunter has gone to it new owner and he is very pleased with it.  I will be painting more of the Mongolian series as I think they are some of our last true warriors, a truly magnificent race of people