About me Ingrid Angel, formally Ingrid Pope

I trained to paint at Boehm China, Malvern as a ceramic artist, mostly painting flower models, from there I went to Royal Worcester Porcelain as a Ltd edition painter, I painted both in the David Fryer studios and then in the men painters (so called because not many women were deemed good enough to be allowed to paint the LTD editions).

I continued in the ceramics industry for 19 years and painted for Boehm, Royal Worcester Porcelain, David Fryer, Connoisseur, Albany and many other smaller firms.  The industry was hit hard by the economic climate and sadly no long really exists.

A few pictures of some of the porcelain I used to paint – Peregrine Falcon And Barn Owl – David Fryer – Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester Porcelain newspaper article showing me Ingrid Angel or Pope as I was in those days painting a Barn Owl

Painting the 2nd fire on a lioness Avalon Fine Bone China

A Tiger – David Fryer Studios and a Horse Model The Golden Saddle – Avalon Fine Bone China