Ingrid Angel Artist

My random journey in art

About me Ingrid Angel

I am a Gloucestershire based artist, I work in many mediums from digital to oil, this site is dedicated to my oil paintings.

I go to bed at night dreaming of painting when I wake up I paint, I am a total workaholic and I get depressed if I am not creating something in one form or another.   Below is a brief history of my artist career 

Ceramic Art

In these days I was known as  Ingrid Pope and my painting career originally started as a ceramic artist

I grew up in Worcestershire where in those days there was a huge ceramic  industry, when I left school I went to work at Boehm Fine China in Malvern, this is where I first learnt to paint with onglaze paints, mostly flower models.
I worked for a designer at Boehm called David Fryer after a few years he decided to leave and go to Royal Worcester Porcelain and set up his own studio, he took me and another artist Sandra Dance with him.  I worked for David for a few years painting the ltd editions, I later moved into the men painters. (so called because not many women were deemed good enough to be allowed to paint the expensive Worcester models).

I continued in the ceramics industry for 16 years and painted for Boehm, Royal Worcester Porcelain, David Fryer, Connoisseur, Albany, Avalon and many other smaller firms.  The industry was hit hard by the economic climate and sadly no long really exists.

A few pictures of some of the porcelain I used to paint

Digital Art

With the demise of the ceramics industry I went to University in Cheltenham and studied computing, and moved into the digital world.

I got first job working as an animator, creating flash animations for teaching domestic airline pilots how to fly, after two years became artwork manager.
Although this was a challenge to start with it had run its course, so decided to leave become a freelance web designer.

I have been a web designer for almost 20 years now some of my more interesting clients ran and or participated supercar rallies Carbon Black, Gumball300 and the Cannonball run, I spent 6 years working with the rallies, it was a lot of fun and I got to play in fast cars.

VJ, Video Mapping 

As an artist I have always had a keen interest in Visuals, I had always created decor and painted backdrops for parties and music festivals, this resulted in me combining my animation skills and video special effects and started VJing and projection mapping, over the years have projected for many different people and play at many festivals, including Obsession, Fantazia, Rabbit Hole, Boomtown, Glastonbury and so on…

Oil Painting

So here we are back with me painting again, only oil canvas this time

I still have my kilns and will return to some form of ceramic art in the future