Social Media

The world is gripped by social media, we are told if you do not have a good social media presence that you will fail.

How are we supposed to achieve this?  if you are like me I dont seem to have enough hours in the day to maintain the level of media presence required.  I there a way round this? as yet I havent found one.

Facebook used to be the most popular but with their new algorithms in place so you dont get most of the feeds people are getting fed up with it, my last Facebook adverts result were appalling, it has most definitely put me off using them again, I need to find an alternative

Instagram appears to be getting very popular and Is ideal for an artist to show off their paintings but I dont how well it generates sales.

Linked in I have been told is way forward, I have never found it much use in the past but maybe its time to give it more consideration.

I will post my results