I woke up yesterday morning and knew I had to paint an Elephant, he seemed to just fly off the brush and on to the canvas, he was immensely fun to paint, I hope you all like him.

Money from the prints of this painting will go to Project Red to help stamp out poaching.


I have just finished two horse paintings both will be going into the shop tomorrow

Horses in the dust
White horse


As an artist I am on a constant journey to improve my skills and try new things, for the last few months I am have been on a mission to conquer acrylics as It is a totally different technique to painting ceramics, however I am getting somewhere now and am actually enjoying the process.

I have been painting non stop since the middle of August, when they took the cast off my arm.  Every painting teaches me something new, I am determined to be able to paint all subjects with equal skill.  Once I have gained control then I will venture into abstract art, where it will take me who knows…


I am very impressed with my mugs, I think they will make great Christmas Presents, I hope you will like them
Original painting by Ingrid AngelRhino - original painting by Ingrid AngelTiger original painting by Ingrid Angel